If you work in marketing, you’ve likely heard that guest blogging is a great way to increase your brand awareness, build links back to your website, and start building your influence on social media. But rarely are you able to actually quantify these results with things that every marketer needs to do their jobs (right): hard and fast numbers.

Until now. Yesterday, I blogged for Mashable about the 6 best practices for modern SEO. In short, our interwebs went wild. Here’s a look at just some of the numbers — and yes, that means leads, too — that resulted from one guest blog that took me 45 minutes to write.


The article posted around midnight Wednesday morning, and when I woke up at 6 a.m., my Twitter account had gone on steroids. My 971 followers were long gone. To date, I’ve seen a 22% increase in followers and a 152 increase in my Klout True Reach. They tweeted, they followed and they engaged.


The article saw nearly 7,500 likes, tweets, stumbles, digs, shares, and (insert other verbs here) in less than 48 hours’ time — and those numbers continue to increase. The article has also held steady on Mashable’s home page as one of the most shared articles of the week and was trending worldwide on Twitter for “modern SEO” around 12:30 EST yesterday.

modern seo mashable


The SEO value that got from the post is huge. Not only is that a followed link back to our home page in my bio, but the more times that article is shared, the more value it’s bringing for that link. Plus, my article has been on Mashable’s home page for the past two days. The longer it stays there, the more value our backlink will have because it’s one click away from Mashable’s most important page.

We won’t know the exact results on our rankings from that backlink for a couple of weeks because there’s typically a 2 week lag in ranking changes once a new link or campaign is implemented. My guess is that once Google indexes the value of that link, our rankings will also increase.


Social and search value is great, but if you read the article, you’ll know that none of that means anything with the data and the conversion to back it up. We saw 657 visitors come to our website yesterday; that’s a 72% increase from 4 weeks ago and practically 300 more than what we’ve seen the past month.

modern seo mashable stats

126 of visits those were from the Mashable, making it almost as valuable as our search engine traffic.

modren seo mashable referrals

We had 5 people fill out a consultation request form on Wednesday; 1 of those came from Mashable. A 20% conversion rate from one referral is good enough for me. (I’ll let you know if it turns into a sale.) I’ve also had a handful of people contact me directly on Twitter, LinkedIn or via email to ask about our SEO services.

We even had an existing web design client reference the article when the team was going over initial designs. A brief mention was brought up about bringing Erin in to talk about some SEO offers, a “Is that the same Erin from Mashable today?” was dropped, and the client got pumped. We’re much more likely to do Web marketing work for them just because we’ve displayed our expertise.


The potential for your guest blog to go viral is there and the value you get is limitless. The place where you get your blog posted is also a huge factor in how much it pays off for your company. Mashable is one of the most-followed blogs about Web news, so the fact that they already had an engaged and dedicated fan base was a win. That aside, good content is going to trump everything. See a need where people need information, and then fill it.

Have you had great success from a guest blog post? Share your experiences below!

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