I would like to announce the launch of Camelot Technologies Group’s website .

About CTG
The Camelot Technologies Group, Inc. (CTG) is a privately held “energy services and power generation surplus equipment company” where buyers can easily source major power generation equipment at secondary market prices.

Our Meeting
I first met with Mike Weaver (President and Managing Director) about 12 months ago when Evan (our Technical Director) and I traveled to their HQ in Odessa, Florida. After Mike decided to move forward with CTG as a brand name and make them the No 1. “Energy Resource” website, he needed a custom robust website full of useful tools and information. To coincide with the new website, they are now planning a big move to new offices in Land O’ Lakes, Florida. Evan and I pitched a solution to CTG to build their website, but we lost the business to a local company that offered a cheaper solution. However, as luck would have it, Mike contacted us back when he realized he needed a tailored website; requiring the experience and knowledge of a company like 352 media Group.

The Solution
CTG needed to position their company as a true leader in the “Energy Market” and, as such, had the foresight to maintain constant updated content, products, and news in order to attract users and keep them coming back.

As part of the solution, we added:

1. A Content Management System to allow them to add, edit, and delete pages and content on the site.

2. A Message Board ( so users could ask questions and obtain replies from other experts in their field.

3. A White Paper section ( to educate users on the site.

4. A Conference area ( serving as a one-stop shop for all energy conferences worldwide.

5. An Energy News Feed which displays current energy news as it happens on the site.

6. An Extranet so that CTG can display important files to specific clients from the site.

7. A Members Login area ( to allow users to sign up to the site once and use the all of the member features.

8. Newsletters revealing both Corporate and Monthly Surplus updates (

You will notice the Flash Header at the top of the site. We added a database to this feature so CTG is able to add new images to this section from an admin area—saving time and money and improving efficiency by deleting a step in the process (a web design company does not need to be contacted).

CTG Flash header

In the Advertising area, on the right hand side, you will see a group of industry-related logos; this area is database-driven and will record the number of clicks each campaign receives. The CTG advert Areanice thing here is we set it up so CTG can add images, Flash, or HTML—CTG, thus, possesses the ability to offer their clients different choices of advertising media without restriction.

Actually, this site has so many bells and whistles I could go on forever explaining them to you. The bottom line is: “Keywords for SEO and SEM” are not going to pose a problem for this site when it is up and running. The attention to detail CTG put into the site in order to allow their users to gain as much info on products and resources while, at the same time, creating easy access, will definitely keep CTG customers happy.

Have a look around, sign up, and start using the site. In addition, two very exciting new features will be added to this site in the near future so as you are navigating the site, continue to keep an eye out for them.

Thanks to the following 352 Staff:

Peter J, Programmer
Xiao Lui, Programmer
Lauren Lester, Project Manager
Jeanne Thompson, Project Manager
Brandon Mitchell, Designer
Mike Baker, Designer
Neal Horstmeyer, Designer
Ed Greenburg, Programmer
Edward Egan, Support + Launch
Andrew Keller, Support + Launch
Jared Allen, Programmer
Evan Blake, Technical Consultant
Pete Bernardo, Information Architect

Thanks to the following CTG Staff:

Mike Weaver, President and CEO
Erin Hazard, eCommerce Development Coordinator
Jijo Balakrishnan, Engineering Manager
Donna P. Denney, Vice President for Administration
Erika Adipietro, Executive Assistant

Without the knowledge and input from each of these people, the website could have never turned out so well and exceeded our already high expectations. Thank you, again, for all your time, effort, and invaluable knowledge.


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