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The word “intern” always brings to mind the stereotype of the coffee-getter and personal assistant to the employees of the company. While that model of internship surely still exists, we’ve built our internship programs as a way to constantly funnel new talent into our company, and we recommend you do the same.

352 Intern Class | Summer 2013

From marketing to design and development, today’s internship seekers are passionate about advancing their skills and getting experience in an evolving industry. As many companies have probably found with their internship programs, there is a great disparity between the academic and working in the industry. Things move too fast for schools to keep up with industry trend, which is why internships are extremely valuable for students.

Some may see that as a liability, we see it as an opportunity.

352 Media Group’s internship program has been pretty successful, and it has gotten a recent facelift to go along with the new 352 rebranding efforts. We are taking a team approach for the interns rather than have them segmented individually on single projects. This will fall in-line with our agile web development method and helps the young interns build off each other’s creativity and complement their skills.

Finding and Testing New Talent

Our internship programs have continually provided us with quality employees who we know can handle the work we’ll ask them to do. It’s the perfect opportunity to identify stars that will be a good fit for the company.

As a former intern and current employee of 352, I can attest to this. In fact many of my colleagues all began their careers in our intern den. Our Director of Digital Marketing, Erin Everhart was a former intern. Now look at her leading the department she used to intern for.

While a strong internship program can help identify rising talent, it also ensures that the program is only full of students willing to learn and work with you.

Helps Employees Focuson Projects

Many view interns as a burden, but we prefer to gain their assistance on smaller company tasks and to allow them to sit in on client meetings. Rather than fetching coffee, they gain experience and knowledge that they won’t see in the classroom, and help our teams focus on higher-level strategies and projects.

Gives New Prospective

New faces and ideas will be constantly brought in with an internship program, which brings a fresh, untarnished view of the industry. It doesn’t take a seasoned veteran to provide a fresh eye on strategies that your employees’ minds might not have thought of.

We’re lucky to work in a university town that is brimming with high-quality interns, but we’ve found excellent interns for our Tampa and Atlanta offices as well. Talent is knocking at your door, just looking for a chance to work and grow. You never know, the next great person in the industry might be that intern.

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