I have been a big fan of Clearleft, and generally read anything that Andy Budd and Jeremy Keith have to say about our industry. Furthermore, if I lived in Brighton (UK) I would be knocking on their door asking for a job.

For me personally website usability is one of the most important factors of building a website, — just because your website is very visually pleasing, wont mean anything if nobody can use it, what is the point, it’s a waste of time and money and users won’t come back, because they bad a experience.

Clearleft have just launched Silverback, the new ‘guerilla’ usability testing software, you can download it here (It only works on a Mac). The item that impressed me was in the email I received, they noted that “Registration after the 30 day trial period is just US$49.95,”  (take note Apple, this is how it’s done).

They managed my expectations, and for that Clearleft I thank you, I will be purchasing your software and helping to save a Gorilla somewhere.


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