I can just see the future.  Me, with a snapple or other healthy beverage, sitting at home on the internet browsing news and information sites before voting.  And I don’t even leave my future house to vote.  No, I simply go online to vote.  No emissions on the way to a polling place, no lines.  No trees destroyed for paper ballots.  No, just me and my snapple or other healthy beverage, voting the way Web 2.0 wanted me to.

Now I see that future crumbling to bits.  All because of pornographers, and beer.  Don’t believe me?  Just ask the former Polish Prime Minister (pictured below) who, from the photo below, is apparently just a hair over 3’9″.  No space mountain for you, sir.

“I am not an enthusiast of a young person sitting in front of a computer, watching video clips and pornography while sipping a bottle of beer and voting when he feels like it,” he was quoted as saying on his party’s revamped Web site.

I’m sorry…this was released on his site?  That’s the kind of quote that is leaked from something you said at a cocktail party to friends.  That is not a sound bite, is it? 

So, just to be clear, because you can do something bad with it, we shouldn’t use it for good.  I guess I’ll pitch my softball bats.  I mean, you could use them in the course of a criminal act.  Better throw out this rubberband on my desk, too.  These pens will have to remain unorganized because someone could put an eye out.

Is it just me, or can you do worse things in a voting booth with the curtain pulled than you could on the Internet?

OK, kidding aside, we all see the real reason here, don’t we?  This joker recognizes that if Internet voting is allowed, the 20-somethings of Warsaw will rock the vote, leaving him out of a job.  Of course he’s assuming, and incorrectly, that only young people are online.  And he’s assuming, incorrectly, that young people don’t go to the polls now.  And he’s assuming, incorrectly, that people don’t stumble out of bars as it is to vote.  



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