I’m a huge fan of the guitar hero genre of video games.  For me it’s partially the rockstar experience, and mostly the social aspect of playing with my friends in different cities online.  Great way to catchup with old college buddies.  I’m one of millions, and guitar hero is one of hundreds or even thousands of video game models that could be put to better use.

Take a look below at this new game that’s coming up.  It takes the guitar hero format and puts it to use to help you learn something tangible. 

Very cool!  Imagine if Super Mario Brothers didn’t take place in tunnels with mushrooms, but instead in the sewer tunnels of 1789 France.  Instead of jumping over mushrooms, you jumped over heads coming off the guillotine.  OK, bad example, but we’d all have a better understanding of the French Revolution.  How about Legend of Zelda taking place on Normandy beach?  No?

Now just a quick note, off topic to my point, but on topic for guitar hero.  The argument made on this page  about the wasted time spent playing guitar hero when you could learn the real guitar is a bit bogus.  Sure, you build great dexterity in your fingers, but remember…you’re only dealing with one string.  I play a little guitar, and there is no similarity when you’re having to strum and pick individual strings while hitting the right frets.  No, Guitar Hero is just competitive air guitar.  Very fun air guitar. 


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