Spring has sprung, baseball season is upon us, and there is no shortage of news in the Web and mobile development worlds. And just as every month, I’m amazed at how blurry the line between what we cosider “Web” versus “mobile” is getting. Technologies that work on the desktop are getting ported to mobile devices while tablets are bringing desktop power on the road. One of the best examples is HTML5, which not only makes sites work great on your PC, but is also making a move to replace the way apps are made for phones and tablets. Here’s some news on HTML5, as well as other topics from this past month.

HTML 5 design tool helps SMBs get mobile – Via ZDnet
We all know the story about Flash and it’s demise thanks to mobile browsing. HTML5 is the answer for many companies looking to have a consistent experience across devices. Here are some great tips and tools for small businesses facing that exact issue.

Flash-centric misconceptions of HTML5 – Via Web Designer Depot
The main point? HTML5 is not a Flash replacement. It is simply the next version of HTML, but it does solve many problems Flash sites face. Thus the comparison. This article debunks several myths about HTML5, and is a good primer for the beginner.

Back to basics: how to code an HTML5 template – Via Web Designer Depot
Oh, you’re past the primer stage and ready to get coding? Well here ya go. Here’s some nice code to get you started in HTML5. But if you’re not quite ready for that yet…

Learning to Code? Codecademy Adds Beginner Languages HTML and CSS – Via Mashable
Let’s take a step back and get you up to speed on coding. Codeacademy can help you with that New Year’s resolution of learning to code on your own. They now offer classes for HTML and CSS. And, to help you understand where everything fits in, HTML is to HTML5 was CSS is to…

10 of the coolest CSS3 and CSS effects  – Via Web Designer Depot
Wow, you must’ve done great on your SATs. CSS3 is similar to HTML5 in that it is the next ideration of a coding standard with some pretty cool features. Just do me a favor and make sure you’re reading this in a browser that supports all this goodness, ok?

Microsoft open sources more of its ASP.NET technologies – Via ZDNet
While the last few articles cover the latest in design tools, here’s an interesting update on one of the leading programming languages. Microsoft’s Scott Guthrie announced some additional moves to open up more of the ASP.NET platform late last month. This time, it will let users patch code to deliver bug fixes more quickly and thoroughly.

Mozilla shows off a Metro style Firefox prototype for Windows 8 – Via ZDNet
And now for the article to bridge the transition from Web to Mobile. I mean really, Windows8 is going to be a mobile and desktop OS at the end of the day. Firefox wants to get in on the metro action, and has
whipped up a new UI to do just that. People will be more likely to use apps that favor the metro style within Win8, in my humble opinion.

The Nokia Lumia 900 Could Be Today’s Best Smartphone, But… – Via ReadWriteWeb
And speaking of Windows and mobile, this could be the game-changing phone for Windows Phone. The reviews are coming in very strong. One of the only downsides many are pointing out is not the OS itself, but the lack of apps on the platform. Microsoft is looking to fix that, though…

Got a Hot App? Microsoft Will Pay Top Dollar for a Windows Phone Version – Via Mashable
Microsoft is well aware of the lack of apps and the role that plays in a consumer’s decision about the platform. That’s why they’re putting their money up to beef up the app store.

This 2012 Mustang Is Powered By Microsoft Xbox, Kinect and Windows Phone [VIDEO] – Via Mashable
One of the coolest new Windows Phone apps? Well that has to be the one that opens and starts this beast of a car. With Kinect cameras for gaming and a better driving experience, this car is flat-out cool. Full disclosure (and bragging), we designed the interface for the heads-up-display, phone app, and interactive instrument cluster. Go us!


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