We’re a soild three weeks into football season, and while my dear old Gators are staying strong, the same can’t be said about my fantasy football team. (Who’s kicker gets more points than their quarterback? Seriously.) So while I’ve been puttering away and tinkering with my lineup, I’ve had plenty of time to read up on all things SEO. Here are my favorite SEO posts from this past month.

New Google Update “Improves Diversity” of Domains in Results via Search Engine Land

How To Do A Content Inventory and Audit via Search Engine Journal

Microsoft’s ‘Bing it On’ Challenge Beats Google’s Results 2:1 via ZDNet

The Rise of the Content Marketing Moron via Finch Sells

79 Link Building Resources for 2012 via KISSmetrics 

How To Remove Your Unnatural Inbound Links via Search Engine Land

Common Technical SEO Problems and How to Solve Them via SEOmoz

Three Ways to Break Down a Market via SEO Book

So, what’d we miss?


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