My second yoga training session is approaching this weekend and I am super stoked!  I attend the Prana Vinyasa School of Yoga one/two weekends a month for the next nine months until I become a certified yoga instructor. 

To relieve my stress while pounding away at the keyboard, I incorporate yoga with my Project Management daily; such as breathing techniques or spinal twists.   Even hanging your head below your heart for a few minutes can relieve stress.  There are some easy exercises for the eyes and hands that can rejuvenate strained eyes from starting at a computer screen and typing all day. 

Yoga is the calming of the mind and is becoming evermore popular in the workplace.  I came across this very informative article in Yoga Journal that talks about the history of yoga in the workplace as well as the proven results that yoga helps employees manage their stress and improve work performance. 

There is no competition in yoga which a lot of people don’t realize.  You don’t have to be flexible to do downward dog or triangle pose; you just need to be aware of how your body feels when you’re in a pose.  The most important part of a yoga pose is breathing and concentrating the mind on the present moment.   

Here are some poses that can help relieve your stress.

I’ve even started my own Yoga Gainesville community for Yoga in the Workplace. Gainesville Yoga Classes for businesses is now one of my speciality services with my newest business venture.


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