My last post I got inspiration from a book I’m reading “Don’t Make me think” this one I will call “don’t make me loose respect for your company”.

Peter our VP of marketing posted “Our New Business Cards are Changing Lives!” a few weeks ago and I noticed that we have Italian readers which is great as I would love to do more business in Europe.

But here’s the deal I’m all for leaving comments on other peoples blogs and I promote it but there is online Etiquette “Netiquette”. If you go to the bother of writing on another blog please make it interesting and topical, if someone agrees with you they will go about finding more info about you as they see you as an expert in a specific field.

Don’t just write “Business Cards Very Nice” – Now say that in your head 3 times it sounds like Borat. Expand on the conversation offer new interesting ways to do things.


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