A few weekends ago I went to Seaside Florida, where The Truman Show was filmed  Coincidentally enough I ran into a few people, both from Atlanta, who were in the same/similar industry as me. 

Shop talk on this vacation became inevitable as one of them was one of my best friend’s significant other, Carlos.  He does the code for his company’s Web site and manages the hosting as well.  He works for CMI Waterfront Solutions.  CMI does seawalls, docks, piers and gangways. We had a geeky-convo about the importance of Search Engine Optimization, 301 Redirects, and how important it is to have a Web site design with live text navigation rather than flash.  We conversed in geek-language for about an hour; only 3 seconds in our convo did my two best gal pals (one an interior designer in the ATL area and the other in the Air Force) both abandoned beach and hit the water.

I also met a nice fellow named Rob.  Rob is a producer and owns a company in Atlanta called Hadjo Media.  I even got to meet Hadjo, the adorable black lab the company was named after.  Rob and his film crew were mixing business with pleasure in Seaside filming an IBM commercial that will air on the internet. I’m excited to see the end product!  

I even ran across one of my previous Atlanta client’s store in this beautiful area, a high-end sunglass/eyeglass shop called The Artful Eye.

It’s a small world…big industry!


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