A client of ours was asking for some viral
marketing ideas, and I happened across one yesterday that I think is
fantastic.  Honestly I don’t even remember what I was looking for
but I came across this crazy video of a guy doing a backflip off of a
moving truck.  As you can imagine, I had to click on it. 
I’ll let you watch it before I go on…

then, obviously I think we’re looking at some tricky editing, but
either way the guy has some moves.  After watching a couple of his other videos, all featuring him dancing around with a CiCi’s Pizza sign, I found my way to his own site,
If I still had any doubt that this was a viral campaign, that was put
to rest.  But I think it’s done very well.  The comments from
viewers on YouTube confirm that most people don’t see it as an ad, but
as just something cool.

The company behind it is Feed.  Not sure if they made the videos, but they’re behind the distribution.  Another very similar example is this campaign the
did for Ray Ban Sunglasses.  I like the videos better, as well as
the way they kind of hide the URL in them.  What I don’t like is
the URL goes right to RayBan rather than to a site like

think the lesson I’ve learned from these examples is that for a viral
campaign to work, you have to take the advertising out of it as much as
you can.  What I mean is don’t use the cool part, here the video,
to tout your product.  Instead use it to drive traffic, forwards,
blogs, etc that will in turn bring people to your site and get them
talking about you.  That’s where the advertising comes in.


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