We recently took the company over to a park to
blow off some steam with a good old fashioned “field day,” ala third
grade.  We had everything from a four legged race to a game of
kickball, all capped off with a barbeque.  Here are the highlights
(and lowlights):

First was the egg relay.  You know, you
run with an egg on a spoon, transfer it to the next person, etc. 
Well all was going great until Geoff, the anchor of the team and our CEO, took the egg.  See for yourself…        

up was the four legged race.  That’s right, we took the old three
legged race to a whole new level with the addition of another whole
leg!  Apparently the result of the extra appendage is more
cheating.  Strings broke, teams crossed the line in different
intervals…its was a mess.  Enjoy…

finally, the main event.  For a few months, Geoff had been touting
his speed.  He’d all but challenged the entire office to a race,
so a race we would have.  We even let him set the distance, a
whopping 100 yards.  In addition to his claims of being able to
beat everyone, he especially believed he would destroy Don, our VP of Sales.  On this day, dreams were shattered…

Fun for the whole family.  I’ll be sure to chronicle our upcoming field day in our Atlanta office as well!


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