It’s common knowledge that you shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds.
Well, you also shouldn’t bite the hand that controls your online presence.

Mark Davidson apparently never learned this little tidbit.
According to his most recent stream from last night, one of his ghostwriters ran amuck on
his former employer’s Twitter after he got fired. (Read bottom to top.)


You would think an “Internet sales & marketing
professional,” as his Twitter bio reads, would know better than to A) hire
someone else to write their Twitter account and B) not change his password
after letting that person go. By the looks of the non-deleted tweets (at the time of this
post), Davidson hasn’t caught on, probably because he’s just waking up on the
West Coast. How many blog posts do you think it’s going to take until he does?

Seriously, Davidson, you may need to brush up on some social media damage control after this incident. And good luck finding someone who’s going to believe you’re actually a “marketing professional” after this little blunder. And if this is a prank: Hat tip on the creativity to the hacker.

Would you do the same thing if you were in the ghostwriter’s
position? Tell us in the comments below.


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