There are 2 types of sitemap for your website…

(1) HTML page — example this is very helpful if a user is lost or need to finds something on your site.

(2) XML Sitemaps — this is a file that you submit to google so they know all pages on your site.

Both sitemaps are very important for users and search engine optimation, this is how you go about setting up a XML file for google submission.

(a) — Go to add your URL and create a XML sitemap (then download the XML file)

(b) — Upload the XML file to your websites home directory (Via Dreamweaver or similar tool  / Web Design Company) 

(c) — Go to Google webmaster tools (you may need to sign up for an account) and add your URL.

(d)  – Verify — you will need to open your sites home page and add a line of code, then upload it to the server (Via Dreamweaver or similar tool / Web Design Company) 

(e)  — Go back to Google webmaster tools and click verify (Google will check for the Line to code to make sure it working)

In addition, you will need to create a page for your site called “Sitemap.html” this will include you adding all the pages on your site into one page as mentioned in (1) above.


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