It’s been a busy month, specifically in the world of rumors. Even more specifically in the world of iPhone 5 rumors. But trust me, other things happened in Web and mobile development. In an effort to focus on actual stories and not ridiculous speculation about how many millimeters wide a potential phone might be, here is a recap of the top news for the last month.

Adobe Gives Up On Apple, Works Around iOS’ Flash Video Limitations – Via TechCrunch
I know I said I wouldn’t talk about the iPhone 5, but one thing I’m pretty sure of is it won’t support Flash that well. Going out on a limb here, I know. Well Adobe seems to agree, and has changed their approach for bringing animated dancing cats to Apple iOS users.

Android on HP TouchPad hits snag – Via cnet
Have you picked up your $100 HP TouchPad yet in the fire sale? What? You mean you don’t want to buy an unsupported tablet with a defunct OS? Well a team of modern day Robin Hood’s are working to bring Android to the TouchPad, which would make it a worthwhile investment. Apparently, though, things aren’t going as well as they did for Kevin Costner against the Sheriff of Nottingham. In-fighting, accusations of theft…don’t hold your breath for a resolution any time soon.

Microsoft to WebOS Devs: Work With Us Instead, Get Free Phones  – Via Mashable
Former WebOS developers must be experiencing a range of emotions right now from anger and hatred to sadness and remorse. Enter Microsoft, playing the role of rebound relationship. They’re wooing newly platformless devs over to Windows Phone 7 with the promise of untold riches and a free phone.

Ten watchwords for Microsoft’s Windows 8 conference – Via ZDNet
To make the transition from WebOS dev to Windows dev even more enticing, consider the forthcoming release of Windows 8 beta expected this week. Putting on my MS fanboy hat, I have to say that what little I’ve seen so far look, in a word, amazing. The line between mobile, Web, and desktop app development looks like it will be more than blurred, with tools like HTML5 and Javascript coming to the PC. Keep a close eye on this one. Could be a gamechanger.

Firefox’s tablet UI looks promising – Via ZDNet
And speaking of the blurry line between Web and mobile development, Firefox’s new tablet browser is taking shape, according to ZDNet. I don’t know much about it, other than it features an “Awesomebar.” Nuff said.

A day early, a sneak peek at Firefox 6.0 – Via CNN Tech
Well, it’s out now, but it’s still new enough to talk about. While the changes aren’t significant on the surface, there are some tweaks under the hood to offer better support for things like HTML5, Linux users, and faster startup. Time will tell what Web users think.

Supercookies: What You Need to Know About the Web’s Latest Tracking Device – Via Mashable
Sounds like something we’d all want, right? I mean, c’mon…it’s a super cookie! But it looks like this is a case of nifty PR naming (can you say Patriot Act?). Supercookies are actually a more robust online tracking tool that collect more data on surfers, are harder to find, and therefore harder to delete. Why does Hulu need to know what I’m doing after I leave their site? The answer is they don’t. Expect the FTC to step in with even stricter regulations soon. Or at least hope they do.

What do you think about these stories? Anything we missed in the Web and mobile development space? Do supercookies make you hungry or scared out of your mind? 


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