Even though we were oozing knowledge last week in New York City at SMX East, the SEO and Web marketing world didn’t stop. In fact, it thundered forward, with even more announcements coming at the conference itself. From Bing adding in user search history to Google officially confirming that the +1 factor affects your rankings (duh, Google: We’ve known this for months), it was one whirlwind of a week that follows an even more hectic month in search news. Here’s your sum up of what you need to know this month when it comes to SEO and Web marketing.

Google Testing New Celebrity Endorsement Advertising Program via Search Engine Land
If Kim Kardashian liked something, would you buy it? Google certainly thinks so with the announcement of celebrity endorsements coming you way for AdWords ads. Google is still pretty tight-lipped about specifics but said a handful of advertisers are already signed up. Be wary though, people may not buy your stuff specifically because a Kardashian liked it.

8 Awesome Infographics on SEO and Online Marketing via
OK, this isn’t exactly “news,” but who doesn’t love infographics? Not only our infographics the newest addition to link building strategies, they’re also a huge player to get your content to go viral. Check out these 8 infographics about the online marketing industry.

Apps & MLB Snippets, Detailed Reconsideration Responses via Search Engine Watch
There has been a lot of talk about, a standard mark-up language so search engines can crawl your site easier, and rich snippets, a preview of some of your content on the SERP. Just released this past week were scores and schedules from MLB games and enhanced data for mobile apps.While it would seem like displaying more info on the SERP would hinder your CTR, experts agreed that more people will actually click through to your site the more info the see. 

Bing Uses User Search History to Adapt Your Search Results via Search Engine Roundtable
Search Engines keep making it harder and harder to get an accurate reading of where you website is ranked. Last week, Bing announced Adaptive Search where it’ll now be pulling from what you last searched to give you newer results. Basically, the more you search, the more Bing knows about, which could be a good or bad thing pending on how you look at it.

Yahoo! Search Launches New Design and Features via Search Engine Journal
You have to give it to Yahoo!. They’re not going down without a fight. In an attempt to remove clutter from their results page, Yahoo! has moved to a simpler layout that seamless integrates other verticals into their search. But would this actually make you use Yahoo! over Google?

SMX East: Up Close with Google+ and Google +1 via Bruce Clay
Search Engine Land Danny Sullivan and a team of Google employees lead this session at SMX East talking about what exactly to expect from Google’s new social network and Google’s +1 button, both of which play into your rankings. Bruce Clay summed up the session nicely.

Google To Solve Pagination SEO Issue via Search Engine Roundtable 
Again coming out of SMX East, Google is improving the pagination problem that comes when you have to split up an article on more than 1 page or a product category set split up between multiple pages with similar results. Before, Google never know which one to rank. Now, if you have a “view all” feature in your pagination or adding in a “rel=’next'” or “rel=’prev'” snippet to your structure, Google will do the work for you when it comes to ranking.

Twitter, Bing Refresh Twitter Integration Deal via
While Google lost its Twitter access back in July, Bing has renewed its contract with the microblogging platform to offer users real-time news in their search results. There’s no denying that social elements are playing an integral role when it comes to your search rankings, and this just confirms it. The two companies also hinted at “bigger and better things” approaching, so we’ll be on the look out for that. 

Report: Microsoft Eyeing Deal for Yahoo! (Again) via PC Mag
Looks like Microsoft just can’t stay away. An unnamed source  affiliated with Microsoft’s MSN portal claimed that “definitely, people are talking about” the software giant scooping up the struggling search engine. This news comes just weeks after Yahoo! dumped their CEO. Could it be possible that it’s going to be Microsoft vs. Google instead of Microsoft vs. Apple?

Google Angers AdWords API Developers via Search Engine Land
You learn quickly that you should never bite the hand that feeds. In this case, it’s Google’s API developers, which were suddenly without access to the network after Google revoked their access to “ensure quality.”


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