……… if I was allowed to vote in this country.

You might have seen this news article posted by PVR  about the new Silverlight presidential candidates site we developed   It is fantastic, I love it and so did other people I showed it too.  It makes it so easy to decide who you want to vote for without having to do too much work, and having the ability to put a face to the name is amazing.

I was watching the news and I seen an advert for this 

My Fox’s attempt at creating a candidate matchmaker.  You answer 20 questions to find your closest political match, no matter what I do with either site I keep getting Hilary as my number 1. 

The design on the My Fox Version is very poor compared to ours, actually everything on this one is very poor compared to ours (although my iMac liked the HTML version better than Silverlight) However My Fox offer you the ability to get a Bobble Head version of your favorite candidate which  is fantastic. 

Get this widget!

Why didnt we think of that


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