I’ve poo-pooed in the past on my blog, and thought I’d follow up after watching an interesting video about their e-commerce functionality. noted while’s checkout process says it’s secure, you don’t get the warm fuzzies from the “https” in the address or the ever comforting padlock icon on your browser.  The reason? uses Adobe Flash in their e-commerce.  As the video points out, most sites that use flash switch over to html when it’s time to buy, but doesn’t.

Check out the fill video and the verdict on the site’s security here.

That got me thinking about one of our sites that we created for a gift fruit company in Florida called Gregory’s Groves.  The site uses a flash Rich Internet Application (RIA) shopping cart which allows users to easily access their address book, toggle through shipping dates and rates.  It’s a very cool feature. 

Our shopping cart, though in flash, still employs the https and padlock security features.  We did this by creating the pages in .aspx. I’d show it to you, but like many of the fruit stands here in florida this time of year, Gregory’s essentially “closes up” for the summer while the fruit is out of season.  But be sure to check them out for the holidays for some great gift ideas!  And now you know your shipping will be safe!


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