DVR Relationship HelpYou would think the ability to load up on TV shows to watch at your convenience would lead to couch potato marathons, many extra hours of TV watching, and disassociation from others, especially your significant other.  

Not so says NDS. 43% of users actually report improvements in their relationships since purchasing a DVR.  Upon further inspection the DVR is less demotivating than you might think.

Among many other things, if you’re in the mood to watch TV you’re probably going to end up surfing and watching total crap even if nothing is on.  Not so with a DVR.  You’ve always got content at your finger tips and can get your fix without surfing for hours.   More quality time to spend with your loved one is always good for the relationship.  Also, there is no reason to fight over which show to watch if you both have different favorites on at the same time.  Most DVR’s can record one show while watching another.  You’re also more likely to watch each other’s shows proving unique bonding time. 

In my humble opinion the biggest reason for the DVRs relationship power is the pause button.  No need to get frustrated if you’re watching something important and your significant other needs you to do a chore…. pause, take out garbage, get a beer, unpause.  Everyone’s happy.  

Steve Tranter, vice president, broadband and interactive delivery, NDS Americas says,”It’s one of those technologies that, once you use it, it makes you wonder how you coped before.”

What do you think…  helped, hurt, no effect?


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