I am pleased to announce the release of the new 511 Transit Website! 352 were contracted to complete the design and layout of the site. This new beta site includes a new and improved 511 Transit Trip Planner that provides more comprehensive information to plan your transit trips around the San Francisco Bay Area. The site is now available for better, more flexible and more accurate trip planning, easy-to-use mapping, customizable schedules and much more. 

Click here to explore the new site. (The new beta site is compatible with Windows IE6, IE7, and Firefox for Windows and Mac.)

Please check out the new and improved features, which include:

Transit Trip Planner — completely new transit trip planning software that provides better trip planning accuracy and at-a-glance summaries of multiple trip options.

Improved Navigation & Layout — allows side-by-side comparisons of schedule information and mapping location results.

Interactive Maps — provides clickable locations, such as rail stations, bus stops, and route lines that provide additional links and information such as feature names, quick map zooming, and selection of these points for additional trip planning or to help you explore other nearby services.

Nearby Routes and Services — simply enter a location and this feature will give you information on all transit routes and stops near that location, with scheduled departure times.

Rail Systems — plot Bay Area rail lines and stations to access station locations and vehicle departure times, facilities information, and connecting transit.

Customizable Schedules — select which departure time ranges and stops to display in your schedule.

Thanks to the following 352 Media Staff Members:

Megan Van Rysdam — Project Manager
Tremaine Begley — Project Manager
Caroline Cooper – Senior Manager
Evan Blake — Business Analyst
Peter Bernardo – Information Architecture
Andrew Keller – Support
Edward Egun – Support
Brandon Mitchell – Designer + Coding
Neal Horstmeyer – Designer + Coding
Mike Baker – Designer + Coding
Paul Traylor – Designer + Coding
Brandon Mitchell – Designer
Declan ONeill – Account Manager


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