So, I have purchased a few apple products over the past few months, iMac, Mac Book pro, Apple TV, iPod Touch and software. I had a few issues this week, which has made me question my purchases and apple as a company.

1, iMac –
Problem, I sent a client a word document during the week, and he couldn’t open it because he was a Mac user, so I told him don’t worry I will set up the document in “pages” and mail it to you, except I couldn’t add the attachment to entourage because it needed “Stuffit” (similar to WinZip for Mac), after the download it still wouldn’t attach to the mail. Solution — revert to my windows laptop, change the doc to a pdf, and email it to client.

2, Apple TV –
Problem (1) Bought the A-TV at the Mac store, got home there was no leads in the box to connect it to my entertainment system, luckily I bought an HDMI cable as I was fuming when I saw there were no cables. Upside, the HDMI cable was only $20 at Best Buy they are $50. Bottom line, do not sell a product unless it comes with at least some cables to get you up and running.

Problem (2), Rented two movies Friday night from iTunes (it took approx 90mins to download).  The problem was they where downloaded on another Laptop that we have in the house that was locked down by admins (not 352), and would not wirelessly connect to apple TV. Not Apple’s fault, so we decided to call the Apple support line to see if we could remove the two movies and re-download them on one of the machines that did connect to the Apple TV.  After 30 mins of being on hold and passed off to different departments, they finally said “No” because the feature that allows you to stream rented movies from your machine to A-TV is not available for another 2 weeks. Great, it would have been nice to know that, since in the time I wasted downloading the movies and calling support, I could have driven to the local video store, watched one movie and dropped it back. Not a great start to what I thought would be a beautiful relationship. The reason I bought it was to make my life easier and save some time in my already hectic life.

3, iPod Touch.
Problem, (see video — notice what it does and how easy they make it look. Well, mine doesn’t do that…mine displays an error;  “Your location could not be determined.”  So, I googled “iPod touch maps and your location could not be determined” which brought me to and Apple Forum where everyone has my same problem.  However I did not find one reply from apple offering a solution, but “drumboi88” offers fairly good solution that I’m going to try right now

All you need to do is get your latitude and longitude from Google Maps:
–> Go to
–> Continue to double click until your zoomed in as close as possible (double clicking causes Google Maps to zoom and center).
–> When you are exactly on top of your position, copy/paste this link into your address bar of your internet:


–> This will bring up your lat/long of the location. Copy/paste that to an email.

Next you need to get your MAC address:
–> Using a software helps (iStumbler, or NetSumbler work well).
–> Usually looking on your router will give you info.
–> Google if all else fails.

Once you get that, you just mail it back to your techie, and they will enter it into the system.

My network got put in a week after I mailed them, and it works great!

Hope this helps.

My long/lat is (42.465100845742, -83.88319820165634). I am going to download, which must be done on my Mac as it won’t work on windows – hold on, while I rotate my chair 90º and download the software. Wait! .. no need to, I can type the IP address of my router into IE 7 and get my Mac addressOk, I have all the details now — but who is my “techie?”,  I suppose this is me, but I don’t have a clue what to do.  Should I email the details to skyhook or my local ISP?

· I will look at the forum again as I assume someone else has had this issue….

· Ok, I can’t see any info.

· I will check as iTouch uses Skyhooks WPS (WiFi Positioning System) to find my position.

· Checked the coverage area, and my home address is covered.

· What do I do now?

· I downloaded the SDK Ok, that was no help; I do not know what to do with it.

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh! I’m going nuts here, for 3 hours I have been messing around with this crap while I could have been working.  I ended up emailing skyhook support. I want to mail Mac support also, as I refuse to waste my time on the phone.  But, I can’t find the appropriate area on the site ( to email; no support link for the maps feature.

To add more fuel to the fire, while seeking a solution I read on engadget, I discovered that if I had purchased my ITouch after Jan 1st I would not have had to pay $20 for the update,. I’m!  pissed, I want my money, back screw you apple,  you will never see 1 cent of my money ever again.

It’s not the $20 I’m worried about,  it is the principle of the matter.  You make me pay extra because I bought my iTouch Dec 18th?  As a side note, I have spent nearly $6,000 in the past 3 months with your company.  With regard to my Mac possessions, my Mac book is now a paper weight as it performs poorly on a sophisticated University network (admittedly not your fault).  My 24-in iMac is a glorified personal email and Skype tool, as it is so much easier to use windows in my business environment.  Furthermore, at present, apple TV is only good for watching You Tube videos.  If I did business this way, I  doubt I could afford the exorbitant prices you charge for your products.  I would be always be seeking new jobs because no one would want to hire a scumbag that rips people off.

Thank you Steve Jobs for wasting 3 hours of my time on Friday night and 5 hours of my time today (Sunday) when I could have been working or watching the super bowl ads.

Side note — Sony, don’t think you’re off the hook either.  I opened the spare PS3 SIXAXIS™ Wireless Controller last night that I purchased at Christmas, and it had no mini USB cable to charge it.  I had to wait 30 Min’s to recharge it, as others played Motor Storm.  When I did finally get it charged, I realized that Motor storm is a 1-player game, so we went and played Tiger Woods on the Wii.

Disclaimer – I have altered this apple landing page image, to include what they should say ….


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