Visit Mix '08It’s as if God hath created an event for me.  All of the things I love will be there.  Glorious.  I am of course talking about Microsoft’s 3rd annual Mix Conference

To lay a great foundation, it is in Vegas. I’ve never been the luckiest person there, but I always have a great time.  So right off the bat, it’s going to be a great time.  Then add in the fact that the conference sessions are right on point with what I want to learn more about, and that’s fantastic.  You had me at “The Business of Microsoft Silverlight.”  But you had to up the ante, didn’t you Microsoft?

And boy did they ever.  Mix announced they’ve added a Rock Band competition to the event.  My hands are actually shaking thinking about the full stage they’ve setup with lights, a mega sound system, and plasma screens.  Now if I can only convince my friend Brian Keller to play with me. 

I’ll admit it, I won’t win any Rock Band competition.  Sure, I’ve beat it on hard, and play well on expert.  But I’m not racking up perfect scores or 500 note streaks.  But in the first announcement about the tourney (the info has been shortened now on their page), they mentioned prizes for both the best scores and the best overall performance.  Now that I have a shot at.

So, if you’re going to mix and you want a solid virtual rhythm guitarist, drop me a line.  🙂


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