Microsoft announced Monday the launch of (make sure you install Silverlight for the full experience), a site created to “support Web and design agencies with training and resources, facilitate collaboration, and showcase great work.” 

Ulterior motives?  Me?  No.  Just wanted you to know about the site’s launch.

352 Media Group Featured on PhizzPop

In an unrelated story, 352 Media Group is the featured partner on Phizzpop, a site that just recently launched.  Just click on the “Network” tab on the top of the site, and you’ll see some snapshots and links to some of our featured work with Microsoft Silverlight and other technologies. 

Seriously though, this is a real honor for us.  It showcases our relationship with Microsoft, which has truly been mutually beneficial.  We’ve got some pretty cool work featured on the site, including some blocks we just completed for, another cool “coming soon” site from Microsoft that is currently online in alpha.  Most notable is the new Halo 3 block we created, which can be added to your blog or Web site to show off your gamer stats. 

Halo 3 Game Stats Visualizer


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