Yesterday, we showed you the first half of what we were able to accomplish during the Race to 3:52. You may have noticed that many of the projects we worked on included video games, interactive apps and plugins for 352 clients. But don’t worry, it wasn’t all fun and games last week. We also took some quality time to play with puppies, scribble on whiteboards and create a whole mess of new websites.

What can we say, we like to stick to our roots. Check out the rest of our Race to 3:52 projects below.

8. Noodles and Doodles

We’ve learned a lot about the digital industry in our 15 years, and we wanted a fun, easy way to share that knowledge. Whiteboard Friday from Moz is required viewing ’round these parts, so with a tip of our cap to those brilliant folks, we created Noodles and Doodles. Each video will share our expertise on topics affecting the industry – from tips for business owners and tricks for developers to a battle plan for your next Nerf assault. You’ll see new episodes of this ongoing series every other Thursday starting this week!

9. Agile Web Development Manifesto

Agile software development has been the norm for quite some time, and many people in that world are familiar with the Manifesto for Agile Software Development, a document that outlines the tenets and principles of agile software. However, agile web development is still an emerging trend, and the realities of the web development world demand different values than those of the software realm. To help other web developers transition to agile – and to remind ourselves what sets agile apart – we decided to craft a Manifesto for Agile Web Development.

10. How Real People Use Search Engines

We’ve got a pretty good handle on how search engines work (well, as much as anyone outside Google’s room of wizards), but we realized we had never given much thought to how most people (the Muggles of the Google world) use search. Looking around, we saw that not many others had either.

In one weekend, we surveyed and interviewed more than 160 people to learn  how they use search engines. The results were surprising, to say the least, and we’ll share what we learned throughout the next month. Check the video below to learn that the knowledge digital marketers often take for granted isn’t exactly common knowledge.

11. Project 352 Nonprofit Website Contest

Everyone likes to give back, but as a digital agency, it’s not always obvious how we can best support our communities. That’s why we’re launching Project 352, a nonprofit website contest in Tampa and Atlanta. Through this project, we’ll take 3 days, in which 5 developers will build a site 2 give back to the community. Nonprofits will be chosen based on their need and resources for a new website during an open application and voting process in September and October, and we’ll develop a new site over 3 days in December.

Learn more at

12. Dallas Chamber Music Society

As an historically .NET shop, we were excited to build upon an existing WordPress site to deliver a completely new design in less than a week. We’re shifting more to choosing technology that fits the exact needs of the client, so this project was a stepping stone to building new expertise within the company. Visit to see the old site in action and compare to our new design.


13. DigitalPawz

A good week’s work isn’t complete without a few puppies and kittens. We partnered with the Humane Society of Tampa Bay to shoot some videos about digital marketing, web development and business strategy with the help of some furry friends. Each video offers information on the animals available for adoption from this great shelter and passes along some great insight into the digital world. So take a pause (get it?) to learn a thing or two from Digital Pawz, which will air every other Thursday right here on the 352 blog!

14. 352 Speakers

We really likes to share what we know. And sometimes you just can’t get the intricacies of link-building or the stresses of starting a new business into a short video. So, we launched 352 Speakers to help reporters and conference organizers find experts in digital marketing, web development, entrepreneurship and more. We value inspired people at 352, and we want to inspire you. For your next event, find a speaker or discussion leader at


 Not too shabby for a week’s work.


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