As an old school gamer born in the Atari 2600 era, Quake III Arena came out during my gaming glory days back in 1999/2000. I have played countless hours and have many fun memories with this classic game. Recently, I had the pleasure of playing this during the closed beta for a month before the beta opened public yesterday.

The thing that is most impressive in playing the game is massive information architecture Web development that went into this project. Basically the id software development team crammed around a 500MB install package from the original Quake III to a 6.8MB plug-in for your Web browser. How was it done?? I have no clue and the infrastructure portion has to be massive!

Quake Live runs on a slightly updated version of the id Tech 3 engine, but the focus remains on usability rather than major graphical upgrades. Among other usability changes,Quake Live has a new, more streamlined HUD. While the game is free, Quake Live will be backed financially by in-game advertising from IGAWorldwide. IGA Worldwide is the leading dynamic in-game advertising network. Once a QUAKE LIVE player account has been created, an intuitive and engaging web site becomes each players’ unified interface for joining online games, practicing privately against computer controlled opponents, finding and communicating with friends, and monitoring match scores, leaderboards, statistics, and awards. Joining the perfect game is always one click away, as QUAKE LIVE’s skill matching system automatically suggests a selection of matches based on each individual player, using factors like skill, and connection quality. Plus, since the game is accessed and delivered entirely through the web, players can login and play from anywhere – with all of their personal game settings, custom controls and friends as close as the nearest web browser.


Also, if any 352 staff members are up for some dueling, CTF or Team DM afterhours, add “352Jaxx” as a friend :).


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