I came across this site a few times on TV and the web its a Guinness site trying to get 1 Million signatures to have congress recognize St Patrick’s Day (March 17th) as a national holiday, while I’m all for an extra day holiday, and I think its a great idea, but having the pubs open at 7am (in Michigan anyway) with a full licence and people having the full day off is just dangerous.

Anyway back to the site, at this time it has 210,294 signatures, which I think is a poor count for a site like this and the publicity its has gotten.  I went a head and signed up to show my support

The Sign up process is not the best, they use Flash and to be honest I do like Flash but using it for an entire site is wrong for a number of reasons (which is another post)
But let me point out the usability issues I had …..

(1) Signing the petition — while the the Pen is a really nice idea and tool its hard to use, I had to have about 10 goes before I could get it right.

(2) Picking your State — I like to hit the drop down box and press”M” a few times until I see Michigan, however this makes you scroll all the way to your chosen state.

(3) Upload an image — All photos must be in JPEG format and 640 x 480 pixels and no more than 500KB. (what happens if my image is non of the above).

So what they have done with sign up process is made it hard and time consuming, (1) is most likely a problem with me, and my mouse control,  (2)  is not a deal breaker but annoying all the same, but (3) has just made it hard for people to finish the process, I assume they spent a few dollars on this site, and they could have added some sort of image resizing feature that did this for me automatically, instead I have to open fireworks. re-size my image to the correct dimensions and make sure it was under the 500kb.

I sometimes feel some of these companies don’t take into consideration the end user when building these sites.

However that been said don’t let that stop you from signing it — Do it now and show your support for the Irish.


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