My mother always said that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.  I guess politicians don’t have mothers. 

For decades we’ve seen negative campaign ads on TV and in papers.  But now they’ve crossed the line.  They’re invading the sanctity of the Internet; the one pure place left on the planet (I have a childlock on my browser, so as far as I know, the Internet is full of only happy thoughts).

Mitt Romney, the only candidate for president named after a sporting good, is denying involvement in a site that attacked newcomer Fred Thompson as being a “phoney conservative.”  Hasn’t Mitt ever seen Law and Order?  Thompson (aka Arthur Branch) is always pushing for the death penalty.  That’s clearly not acting.  I mean, c’mon, the man was in Aces: Iron Eagle Three.  That’s technically more combat experience than the current president.  He played Big John, the head of Nascar, in Days of Thunder.  He was an Admiral in the Hunt for Red October.  C’mon now…his resume of characters reads like a Republican donor list.

Anyhow, Mitt had nothing to do with it.  Sure, the site was traced back to one of his hired consultants from South Carolina, but an employer isn’t responsible for the actions of his employees.  Oh wait, he is.  Dang.

Ok, so I know the Internet is not pure…its a cesspool of porn, Nigerian banker scams, and videos of bums fighting each other, but please don’t allow the worst type of media on there: the political attack ad.


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