While most marketers have embraced digital tactics, many still work in a traditional marketing mindset. Rather than truly utilizing the speed and agility of digital marketing, marketers make the mistake of locking into 6-12 month campaigns with no guarantee of success. Traction marketing allows businesses to rapidly determine the most effective marketing channels and tactics to find traction and acquire customers.

This video will explore the concepts of how 352 Inc. utilizes strategies backed by market validation and understanding clients’ goals to ensure product growth.

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Some of the struggles that organizations have with going to market with a new product is that that treat it like traditional digital marketing. Where they have a set budget and they have these big buckets that they know they are going to spend money on.

This is the fundamental difference between 352 and other digital marketing organizations. Our goal is to drive towards facts as opposed to providing our clients guesses. Most organizations build a 12-month plan, it’s very hypothetical in nature and for us at 352, what we tend to do is we start with a very deep discovery process to understand goals, brand and what the client is trying to accomplish. And then our team of experts come together and they’ll set monthly deliverable goals, to better understand and better drive towards those KPIs.

From a tactics standpoint, it allows us to focus on what works. So you might think social media is important and we can test that, but if we find out after a month that social is not driving conversions, not driving traffic, then we can deprioritize that and focus on something else.

It allows us to shift quickly to new things, see what works and really refine our strategy on a month-to-month basis. Rather than locking you into 3 months, 6 months, a year of strategy. We start a month at a time, test quickly, focus on what works and deprioritize on what doesn’t.

Healthy Traction

Typically when an organization thinks of traction, they look at it as a point and time. But when 352 thinks about traction, it’s more about a process. That process of having experiments on that outside and working things that work towards the core of a product really builds what we call healthy traction within a product. Where things are repeatable and predictable because we know that our experiments have been tested on a monthly basis to drive revenue and to drive success on the product.

We have one client that recently launched a new product into the market. We were able to take the marketing budget and take a look at all of the different channels that were available to us. Like influencer marketing and traditional media, radio even. And we were able to take that overall budget, distribute it, according to what we thought would give the most bang for the buck and then come back and measure how each of the channels did separately and then in aggregate. We were able to create a report that showed a breakdown of all the different channels by spend, by impressions, clicks, cost. Every metric that you’d be able to see and track. And consolidate it, to be able to have a really good barometer of which channels are performing better against others; and put more budget to those.

Our structure plays a big role in terms of the strategy and the tactics we bring to our clients projects. Not only will we bring the traditional digital marketing tactics like, SEO and content marketing. But we also bring an understanding of UX and product strategy. Holistically, when we combine those three things together, we drive towards a better understanding of the client’s lifecycle and what’s going to drive success for the product.

Driving Growth at Every Phase

Traditional digital marketing tends to look at the first two phases of the funnel, awareness and activation. Traction really allows us to dig deep into the rest of the customer lifecycle revenue, retention and referrals. So each month we get to work with you to identify what is an area of need for your business. We have a long-term development client, who is a fortune 500 manufacturing business. They came to us looking to really refine their customer lifecycle, and improve the performance of their website. We knew we wanted to bring people onto the site, we focused on content marketing and social media. We also wanted to make sure that their website was performing at its peak. So we placed small bets on the website, including changing it’s main navigation, changing the content flow, adding new contact forms. By making those small bets, we were able to monitor on a weekly basis, improve our content, improve the conversion flow and create new customers for the business.

The way 352 approaches growth retainers is very unique in the industry. We dedicate a strategist and an account manager to a project, they are going to set the monthly strategy for that product. And then we also have Subject Matter Experts that depending on the strategy will come on and bring their expertise, to execute on the actual tactics for the product. That cycle repeats itself on a monthly basis. So we watch the KPIs and understand how the product is performing; what is and is not working. And the things that are working, we are going to put more effort into them and the things that aren’t working, are going to be replaced with by new experiments. That process of repeating that cycle on a monthly basis, allows us to get to a really strong core of what’s going to be predictable and repeatable on a monthly basis, to drive traction towards the products we are working on


Jen is a bridge between clients and 352 teams—helping to drive client value while ensuring an amazing experience. She meets with clients to deeply understand their overarching challenges and needs and then activates the right 352 team members with the right set of skills, expertise and insights to produce the best results.

A nurturer at heart, she knows how to bring people together to propel innovation, growth and digital development. Recognizing how great 352 does innovation attracted her to the company. She’s worked with several well-known brands to launch and unveil new products. She spent six years working with Coca-Cola on a variety of marketing and branding initiatives and helped Kimberly-Clark reinvent Kleenex tissues by shifting its association with sickness to becoming a symbol of care. She also worked with Verisign to globally reposition four of their top level domains including .com and .net.

She credits her background in theater and English degree from Wofford College for giving her passion and expertise for telling stories that capture humanity—and guiding clients on how to engage an audience through storytelling.

When not working, Jen enjoys spending time with her husband and their dog, Chianti, and attending Atlanta United FC soccer games.