…. when they designed the user interface for the sign up area.

I tried to sign into my Play Station 3, to see what items where available to download from the online store.   I could not remember my password so I signed up for a new account.  

Email – not an issue I entered my gmail account
Password — (at least 6 characters) again not an issue, (I thought)
Security Question – Mother’s maiden name (again not an issue)

PS3 User sign in screen

Everything looks fine (however, it took me about three min’s to add all the details due to fat fingers and using the controller )

Then I seen this screen (I turned red with anger)
PS 3 sign up error screen

They didn’t say anything about the password having to contain at least one number or any character 2 times in a row.  I was annoyed 3 minutes is not that long but it would have taken me 10 seconds on a keyboard, I used the controller to add the details which is painful for anyone that has tried.  

How hard would it have been for the PlayStation team to add these details to the first screen?  I am not a game developer but I can’t imagine it would be that hard, due to Sony not managing my expectations, and wasting my time. I didn’t purchase anything from the store after I finally logged in.  

This goes for website owners also, if you require anything that is not what a user is expecting alert them so they don’t get frustrated and go to your competitor.


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