I’ve never put much stock in the Fortune magazine list of the top 100 places to work.  They always focus on the monolithic companies, overlooking some amazing work environments.  That’s why I’m considering publishing my personal list.  I’ve always had 352 Media Group right near the top of “Peter’s greatest places to work,” alongside major university athletic director, Sam Adams Brewmaster, and BBQ Competition Judge. 

Well, after Pimp my Desk day here at our offices, I might have to bump 352 Media to the top.  They should be there by default, because they’re the only ones on my list willing to employ me.  But the real reason is because we do cool stuff like pimp people’s desks.  And not just anyone.  Evan Blake is one of our technical solutions consultants, meaning he works with the sales people and potential clients as a liaison to the programming team.  He’s a genius, and deserves the desk of a genius.

So here it is:

Yes, that’s actually dry erase paint on the desk, which is super cool!  My mind is now overflowing with the potential uses of that stuff.  And we replaced his fake plants with a cactus…something he can’t kill if he tries. 

I think we’ll make this a recurring thing here.  Please post any ideas here in the comments!


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