One of my clients asked for source files of images, I wanted to show her how to edit a PSD file, then save as jpeg , then add to her brand spanking new CMS that we built. This particular client has Photoshop and we both agreed that because she has the right tools and a with little knowledge she can be self-proficient and not have to depend on our designers to make simple graphics for the site.

Now here is the problem I lost my copy of Photoshop, which up until about 4 hours ago I thought was with the rest of my software. Therefore, plan B was to request from my Boss, approval to purchase a copy, — that may take some time, so Plan C was to download a trial version from however “Trials are currently unavailable” why I hear you say? –

“During the month of June 2008, certain product trials that are launched for the first time (regardless of when they were installed) will function for only one day instead of 30 days, due to an error in a line of code that counts down the remaining days in a trial. You will not experience this issue if you have launched your trial before June 1, 2008, or do not launch it until July 1 or thereafter. 

We understand that trials are an important tool to experience the new features of a product. However, this issue would have resulted in a frustrating situation for a large number of customers — an experience that just does not meet the high standards we have set for all of our products and solutions. We invite you to explore the other resources available on in order to experience the products in action”


OK still no good, how do I get my hands on a copy of Photoshop? I will need to find a Plan D and maybe E, so I can make my client happy.

When I was checking out the Photoshop family site and I came across this Web Video Host, to be honest I have seen a few people try to imitate our Web Video Host offering and the results were poor to fair (my opinion, but I am spoilt working for 352 when it comes to great design). However, Adobe has done a cracking job with their offering, the design is nice, the cues and graphical interaction are all cool. But here is the part I like best, there are 7 videos all rolled into 1, they explain how people from different industries can use the Photoshop family to make their jobs easier, coupled with closed captioning so deaf and/or users with no speakers can enjoy the presentation.

Good Work adobe this made me less annoyed when I couldn’t download a trial version.


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