Awhile back one of my contacts at Microsoft posted a blog about the celebrities each of his coworkers resembled.  It was hilarious, especially if you knew the people, but still funny regardless, because the matches were so on point.  You can see it here.

So I’ve been wanting to do that for awhile now.  I found a site called that, among other things, offers face recognition to match you with celebs.  Some of it was dead on.  Some was terrible.  First, I didn’t know have of the so-called celebrities.  Then, well, I’ll let you see for yourself.

So first up is me.  I apparently look like a pretty man.  The site lets you show off the results in either a collage or a morph feature.  I chose the collage because a) it shows more than one match per person, and b) because watching drew barrymore morph in to me was like watching her go through an ugly machine.  Not good.

Next up is Peter, another Peter, who is a programmer here.  I wish I knew who the people he matched with are, because it would be even funnier.  The best part is, he really acts like Charles de Gaulle too! 

OK, third off is our new marketing intern, Stephanie.  She was flattered at her results, though she says she gets Helen Hunt more often than these ones.  This is wonderwoman’s first appearance, btw.

So here’s where it gets weird.  John is a programmer, and in no way a little dutch girl.  Though Joshua Jackson, albeit not really that famous, is pretty good.

Tremaine, a project manager in our Atlanta office, is another one where I think it went 1-for-4.  I mean Oprah?  Maybe in personality, but lets not insult Tremaine here!  I’ll give you Gabrielle Union though.

And then there’s Tim, a designer.  Perfect, because not only does he look like Fred Savage, but he’s always had a crush on Winnie Cooper (not to be confused with Mini Cooper).  But Yao Ming?  Really?

I can’t argue too much with Raina’s, another Project Manager.  Especially Amanda Bynes.

Finally there’s Lincoln, another of our designers.  Apparently he triggered the part of the program that says “find beard.”  How Edwin Moses ended up there, along with three other non-famous people, is a mystery.

Oh, one more for good measure, though the program couldn’t make this match.  But I mean it’s like a separated at birth thing.  Here is our VP of Sales, Don, with his twin brother Oliver Pratt.

Donald Wedington   Oliver Pratt


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