So not too long ago I wrote an article on Visual Studio 2008 and how to “Apply Cut or Copy Commands to blank lines when there is no selection“. Right before I wrote the article I searched those words in quotes to see who else wrote about it. I obviously found Sarah Ford’s blog among many other results, all dealing with the same tip.

The next day I decided to search for those terms again and was amazed to find my blog at the top of the search results. I was quite impressed and quickly turned to PVR, from marketing, to talk about this jump in search rankings.

As he explained the reasons (which I will allow him to do in the comments) I began to wonder how our other blogs have done in regards to search rankings. While some also resulted in the same way, there were a few which didn’t show up at all. At this point my curiosity got the best of me, and thus caused me to create this post.

Now as some of you may have done yourself, in the past I have searched for my name on various search engines. Call it curiosity, boredom, the need to feel special, or sad, but either way, I and others have done it. However, regardless the amount of pages I scoured, I have never showed up in any results. Working for a web development company for 8 years and in the industry for 10, you would think something would show up. That, however, is not the case as I am constantly overshadowed by my evil twin, Peter Brownstein the poker champion (note that he is not actually my twin nor is there any evidence of him being evil). If not him, there is also a CIO and an Account Group Manager which occasionally get on the list.

So, all considering this, I have decided to see how good our web marketing and search engine optimization is. With any luck, I will show up within at least the top 5 pages when I search for “Peter Brownstein” tomorrow. It will be a great testament to what PVR and the developers of Ranting & Ravings have done, and it will also bring a smile to my face to stand out, or stand beside the crowd of Peter Brownstein clones that exist out there.


Peter is a software developer at 352.