Well, I’ve got some really cool news.  352 Media Group has been selected as the exclusive beta testers for the “green machine,” a prototype for a pedal powered workstation.  That’s right…just pedal under your desk to power your computer, monitor…even desk lamps!

We’ve tried to be a “green” company for a few years.  We don’t pollute much, encourage carpooling, and are virtually paperless around the office.  However we’ve always been a big power draw since we use computers with multiple monitors.  After reading an article about this emerging technology, I was able to partner with the manufacturer to get our staff on the beta.  As of tomorrow, most of our staff will be pedaling for power.

Take a look at this video, which shows a much earlier prototype of the machine (the newest one doesn’t have the big tire, and fits easily under an unmodified desk).

The model we’re using is much more refined, and looks like this:

All it takes is 10 minutes of pedaling to give you 45 minutes of work!  This is not only a great effort from a green perspective, but we’re also hoping to see some cost savings on our energy bill as well as our corporate gym membership program, which we obviously won’t need to offer anymore!

I’m going to post a picture later today when the install team gets here from the manufacturer.  Hopefully we’ll get some great press from this as well! 


Here’s the photo as promised.  Sorry my office is such a mess, but you can see the great machine all hooked up to my computer and phone.  I’m getting quite the workout, too!

pedal powered computer

OK, so the April fools jig is up, unless you caught on awhile back.  Our employees complain about the long walk to the coffee machine, much less biking 10 minutes an hour!  Just kidding.  If the technology was there, I’d be the first on it.  Assuming I had a good backup of power, that is!

As for the prototype, it’s been sitting out by the dumpster in the office park for about a year now.  I think I’m going to wrap this post up so I can take it back out there.  How’s that for being green?


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