In creating our Silverlight Candidate Filter, I learned one very important thing about politicians: they don’t all know how to answer a yes or no question.  They are all very clear on some issues.  Some support the death penalty, others support the no child left behind program, etc.  But ask them about an issue that is controversial, and you get a soundbite full of jibberish.

So hats off to PC World for wading through the muck and getting to the heart of the technology related issues that will play a big part in our country’s future.  Check out the article here:,142121/article.html

It goes through each issue, putting them in simple terms.  Then it lists the remaining candidates and their positions and policies on each.  Very helpful info on some issues often glossed over in the mainstream discourse. 

Now for the full disclosure part.  If you go to the last page of the article, you’ll see our candidate filter linked.  We worked with PC World to include their research on our filter.  Thanks to their team for all the help they provided in making our filter better!


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