I did a search Out of Office Replys just now and I found out some interesting facts,

It is entirely possible to spam a company (or more likely criminals), do automated searches for Out of Office Replies, cross reference them with phone book entries, and then burglarize houses secure in the knowledge that “Declan is on holidays in Ireland until the end of the month!” (I wish).

Out of Office Replies like these will also tell any Hacker that this person’s logon will be unattended for the next x days so they can merrily ring the helpdesk saying, “I have lost my password, can you re-set it for me?”

In addition, OOR’s will reply to ‘normal’ spam mails, confirming the email address as a live one.

Therefore, for staff and clients I will be off tomorrow (Thursday 17th) on personal leave, I will not be far from the office (so don’t attempt to rob me I have a very vicious Italian greyhound called Sophia) I will possibly have access to email (time to test the iTouch update) and my mobile phone.  However, it will be most likely Friday morning I will contact you.


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