If you surf on over to, you may see a familiar site featured on the showcase there.  A couple of weeks back I posted about our candidate filter for the presidential primaries (posted here).  We showed it off to our contacts at Microsoft, and they decided to add it to the gallery there, as well as to

352 Media on the Silverlight Showcase

To update you on the site, we’re adding in some new features this week as the election schedule gets in to high gear.  First off, we’re adding in more views that our crack research team (interns, of course) tracked down.  In addition, we’re adding more resources explaining exactly what each issue is. 

There are a bunch of other cool applications featured on the showcase.  Among my favorites are the Taiwanese imagine cup Web site and the the Whirlything on MSDN.  Oh, did we create that second one?  I forgot.  How silly of me. 🙂


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