Very Scary Britney SpearsPeople used to search for Britney Spears to ogle at her photos.  Now they search to see what crazy stuff she’s up to with her kids in the backseat.  Regardless of why people are searching for her, they’re doing it a lot.  Britney is once again the top search term for Yahoo searches so far this year.

Some respectable things made the list like Iran, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama.  However all of these things fell behind WWE, Paris Hilton, and Fantasy Football.  I wonder how different the list would look if people had to publish their searches. A few less Lindsay Lohan searches I imagine!

So to the outside world, we’re more interested in celebutantes than relevant issues or business.  At least things like “how to make french fries” didn’t make the list.  Though I doubt our stereotype of fat, rich, and dumb will be affected by the ommission.a sad steven hawking

So the list came out today, but the year still isn’t over.  We still have a chance to fix this.  So, in order to give the appearance of maturity to the rest of the world, I ask each of you to search at least 100,000 times per day for the term “Quantum Physics.”  If that’s able to overtake Britney, we’ll look like geniuses.  Then we’ll address the issue of the results Yahoo returns.  Nothing like turning to wikipedia (the number 2 result) for our quantum physics information.  Just sad.  Poor Stephen Hawking is no match for Britney. Just look how disappointed he is.

Also, in order to help skew the numbers, just bookmark you’re favorite Britney pages like I do.  Err, I mean, I don’t do that. 


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