I’m not going to say the idea was mine.  No, Neal, one of our amazing designers, found a similar business card and showed it to me.  We took the idea and made it so much cooler for our purposes. 

flat business cards

It looks like a normal business card.  Sure, it’s fancy and has full color printing on both sides, but that’s just the start. 

Cube Business Cards

Holy cow!  It’s now standing on it’s own!  It’s a miracle!  What an amazing business card!  We used the four interior panels to showcase our four main services, including Web Development, Web Applications, CD + DVD Production, and Motion Graphics. 

The interior of our business cards

In addition to being super fun to play with, the response to the cards has been overwhelming!  The sales people have told me how much their potential clients have loved them, but it wasn’t until last week that I got to see firsthand.  I went with Jan (thanks for taking the iphone pics of the cards) down to a meeting in Tampa with a lead.  There were three of us and seven of them, and by the end of the meeting, each one of them had our cards stacked in front of them like a pyramid.  Was it that the cards were more entertaining than our pitch?  No way.  But they were still entertaining!

I think doing something extraordinary with the mundane is so important in a business like ours where you have to differentiate yourself from the competition.  I know that lead in Tampa met with several other companies, but I’m sure ours are the only cards stacked on their desk for all to see, and they’ll remember that.  They’ll remember us for our great cards, but they’ll choose us in the end for our even more amazing work! 

At least, I hope.


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