When we first started ranting and raving, blogging (especially corporate blogging) was in its infancy.  We needed a blog that would allow for multiple users so we could have everyone from designers to programmers to project managers blogging about the ins and outs of the Web design world.  Since nothing like that existed at the time, we built it from scratch.  Since then, blogging, and the technology associated with it, has come a long way. 

Enter our new blog.

The first thing you’ll notice is the new design.  We wanted it to be easier to read and navigate.  We also wanted it to better tie in to our own corporate site’s design.  Finally, we wanted to make sure our readers’ eyes weren’t bleeding.  Thanks to Chris and Adam, among others, who brought the design to life!


Next, we wanted to make it easier to navigate.  One of the big things that evolved since launching version one of our blog were the widgets people came to expect on the right panel.  We’ve improved on things like archives, blog roll, search, contributors, and recent posts, making it easier to find the content you’re looking for.  Finally, we streamlined our categories to better match the type of topics we tend to blog about.  We used the BlogEngine.NET code as a base, and built from there with the help of programmers like Zach. 

And on the back end, things are much easier for us while making a post.  Hopefully that will lead to more of us posting, meaning more great content for you to read!

This is not to say we can’t improve it even further…please tell us what you think.  What is your favorite part?  What are we missing? 



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