Wow…getting a digitized file on to a hat is hard. 

Before you read this, catch up on the first installment of the .hat saga here, and then here for the second installment in the ongoing soap opera. 

Disgusted?  You ain’t heard nothing yet.  So one of our employees went a couple of weeks back to get a hat.  I should point out that despite the technical woes, the hats themselves are fantastic from this unnamed store.  The employee however was told that the file had not yet arrived.  Boo.

So I emailed today to get a status update on the file, and here’s what I got back:

Dear Peter,

We sent the file to the store you had requested. Due to shipping costs we can only make one shipment per order. I have attached your embroidery file which you can put on a floppy disk (not a CD) and take to any store for embroidery services. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have been, please let me know if I can be of any other assistance.

Thank You,
(Name Withheld)

Really?  Where do I begin?

OK, first off they paid to ship the 12kb .hat (actually .dst) file to the store?  Second, for the promise of several additional future hat purchases, they couldn’t swing the additional $.39 to ship the 12kb file to another store? 

Second, why didn’t they just email the file to the store, as they did to me?  I know, based on the fact that the store has a disk drive, that they have computers.  I also know, based on the fact that I called the store once to check on the status of the file, that they have phone lines.  As far as I know those are the major ingredients for receiving email.

Next, a floppy drive?  Really?  That’s got to be a joke.  This entire process started with me taking a CD to the store (which they opened but could not “digitize”), so I know they have CD drives in their machines. 

So now I, as the VP of Marketing for a Web development firm, have to ask my employees, talented computer scientists, to locate a floppy disk and drive in order to get a hat.  That just sounds nuts to me. 


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