352 Off the Record event with Jeff Perkins


352 had a great start to 2020 with our Off the Record event series at General Assembly Atlanta, featuring Jeff Perkins, CMO of ParkMobile, facilitated by 352 President and Founder Geoff Wilson. Having built his career through marketing roles with QASymphony, PGi, AutoTrader and Saatchi & Saatchi, Jeff is a highly engaged and valued member of the Atlanta marketing community, with numerous marketing awards including the TAG Marketing Society 2019 SMB Marketing Executive of the Year.

Tap into your passions

We got a great perspective from Jeff about how to think about career opportunities, and the tension between living on the agency side versus working client side. As Jeff noted,

Agency side frustrated me because I wanted to be in broader planning meetings and drive the business forward. On the client side, you can make significant changes, if you push hard.

Recognizing and tapping into his passion for building businesses and brands was a strong influence in his career, and allowed him to be positioned as a change agent with the capabilities to build and grow brands internally.

Understanding your market

Jeff’s experiences in decision making has given him an eyes-wide-open approach to the role and value of research. Understanding your customer is key to growth, though it’s critical to understand the role of different methodologies. Talking about qualitative vs quantitative research, Jeff noted that in his experience,

Qualitative research equals the innovation lab to me. Insights into the next big idea. Quantitative is make sure you don’t screw up. Is this actually a good idea? What does the market think? What is the market potential?

Both have value, but play differing roles, so innovators should think about the outputs and takeaways around investing in each, using a strong learning plan as a guide to help frame up the research methodologies.

Insights and the future of ParkMobile

So, where does Jeff think ParkMobile is going in the future? Leveraging data from their current 17 million users is helping to frame that vision, with insights including personalized mobility strategies across multiple transportation formats, and parking needs for self-driving cars is informing where the business could be going next. Jeff summed it up best, 

The future is interesting.

We hope you found this Off the Record summary helpful and you’re able to join us for our upcoming event featuring Yang Adija from Turner Sports. RSVP today.

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