Last month we were all excited about the upcoming Apple iPhone 5 launch, but here we are a month later with only a 4S to talk about. All that was overshadowed professionaly by the Amazon Kindle Fire, and of course personally by the passing of the iconic Steve Jobs. In short, this last month seems to have drifted off-script a bit. That’s why I’m here to give you the recap of the month that was in Web and mobile development news.

Father Of C And UNIX, Dennis Ritchie, Passes Away At Age 70 – via TechCrunch
Sadly, Jobs isn’t the only tech icon we’ve lost recently. The creater of the C programming language, Dennis Ritchie, passed last weekend. His work brought us UNIX and C and paved the way for C++, Java, and Linux. Every programming should say thanks.

Introducing Dart, Google’s answer to JavaScript – Via ZDNet
So will we be talking about the death of the Dart developer in a half century? I’m guessing no, but anything is possible. Google has released Dart to target the percieved shortcomings of JavaScript. With Google behind the curtain, I’m sure we’ll hear more about this as the developer base expands.

Amazon Silk: Not just for Fire tablets? – Via Cnet
While most of the buzz around Amazon focussed on the Kindle Fire, the related launch of Amazon’s browser, better known as Silk, is stirring up some discussion as well. Cnet speculates on whether it will be confined to the tablet. Meanwhile, pretty much every other player in the browser space released something: Opera 12’s alpha, Firefox 8 beta, and Microsoft’s IE9.0.3 security update. Testing your website for browser compatibility just got even more fun!

Here’s a little more on what makes Silk different:

iPads Now Driving More Web Traffic Than iPhones – Via Mashable
And speaking of tablets, Apple’s iPad has passed the iPhone as the mobile Web surfing tool of choice. Combined, the pair account for 58% of U.S. mobile Web traffic. You’re fighting an uphill battle, Amazon!

iOS 5 Now Available for Download – Via Mashable
A new version of iOS? That should break the Internet any minute now…wait…there it is. Error 3200: iOS 5 Upgrade Attempts Thrash Apple Servers. That’s why they have a line at the Apple store for the new phone. If everyone tried to pay for it at the same time, the store would explode too.

RIM Restores BlackBerry Service After Largest Outage – Via Mashable
Speaking of breaking the Internet, RIM’s CEO is very sorry that you have been out of touch these last few days. What started out as an isolated blackout in Africa and Europe turned in to a disaster for Blackberry at a time when I’m sure many users were left with nothing to do but read magazine articles about the new iPhone. Could this be the nail in the coffin for the one-time leader?

Google Analytics Adds Real-Time Traffic Data – Via Mashable
Finally, what is the Web without data? Google has improved on its industry-leading analytics software to show what’s happening on your Web site now. Not yesterday. See how many visitors are on your site at any given time, as well as how they arrived. This is rolling out over time to all users, so be patient.

So what stood out to you this month? Browsers? Mobile operating systems? Nothing (because you’re using a Blackberry)?


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