With the return of college football dominating your Saturdays, spending every other day of the week analyzing fantasy football, and trying to recover from that Labor Day barbeque incident, you’ve probably had a lot on your plate on the past month. We’ve recapped the biggest stories in social media for the past month, and believe it or not, while they certainly dominated social media news for the past month, it wasn’t just Facebook making big changes.


F8 blows everyone’s mind (via Mashable) Last month Facebook held its annual f8 developer conference and unveiled a host of new features, including the news ticker (a news feed within your news feed), subscribe button, and the biggest change: the Timeline (which is on hold for now due to legal woes). The Timeline is essentially an online scrapbook of users’ lives, allowing you to go back over the years and review photos, status posts, etc. Just further proof that you can never escape your online past, people.

(Example taken from Mashable

Facebook lets users subscribe, add friends to groups (via Mashable) Now Facebook allows its users to subscribe to anyone who makes their updates public. Facebook also makes it easier to arrange your friends into predefined and custom groups, allowing users to more easily decide how they can share their information. Think of it as Circles for Facebook.

Facebook now integrating with Yahoo! News, Washington Post (via Mashable) Facebook’s Yahoo! News feature is Yahoo’s dive into integrating the social context with the news service, providing a way for users to view what news stories their friends have read on both Facebook and Yahoo! News. Not to be outdone, the Washington Post has released Social Reader for Facebook, which reflects a user’s profile, interests, trending topics, and the stories their friends are reading.


Promoted brands that you don’t follow now appear in your timeline (via Huffington Post) Twitter is now displaying promoted tweets from companies in user timelines, even if they aren’t brands Twitter users are following. According to Twitter, a promoted tweet will only appear to users if the tweet is likely to be interesting and relevant to them.

Twitter allows paid political ads from presidential candidates (via NY Times blog The Caucus) Twitter now allows posts to appear in the timelines of users who are following specific political campaigns. Political committees can also pay to have their accounts display in “Who to follow” suggestions.

Twitter now offering analytics tool (via PCMag) Twitter has announced an analytics tool that allows website owners to keep track of Twitter-driven traffic. The tool will help site owners understand how much content is shared across Twitter, measure how much traffic Twitter sends to your site, and gauge the effectiveness of your Tweet button integration.


Google+ Offers Suggested User List, Search Feature (via Mashable) Google+ unveils a suggested user list, similar to “People you may know” and “Who to follow” on Facebook and Twitter, respectively. Google+ also added a search feature within the network to allow users to easily search by topic or user.

Google+ now open to the public, sees traffic jump drastically (via Search Engine Watch) Google+, which for its first three months was invite only, is now open for everyone to join. As a result, they hit more than 50 million users and increased their membership significantly. From Sept. 22 to Sept. 25, the network gained nearly 7 million users and experienced a 1,200 percent increase in traffic after the public opening.

Google+ now added to Klout Scores (via Mashable) Klout, which calculates social media users’ influence based on a score from 0 to 100, will now incorporate Google+ interaction along with users Twitter and Facebook usage.

What to watch:

Will AOL announce its own social media network? (via ReadWriteWeb) Based on trademark applications and domain name registrations, AOL may be unveiling its own social networking site called NVIBE. AOL registered and also applied for five trademarks that describe location- and interest-based social networking services.

Social media milestones:

 Facebook hits 800 million users

 Foursquare hit its 1 billionth checkin

Tumblr hits 10 billion posts

Twitter reaches 100 million active users per month, 50 million users per day 


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