saw my first set of Christmas decorations this month. I was half-inclined to
run to the house and deface Frosty and Rudolph with some spiderwebs and candy
corn, but my conscience got the best of me. Still, it made me remember that
these next few months in the year are arguably the best. Leaves
are starting to change (if you live anywhere but Florida, where they just
fall), temperatures are dropping, and scarves and boots are getting unpacked
from storage. So while you start busting out the fall decor (and hopefully
take time to enjoy Halloween and Thanksgiving without skipping right to the
holidays), here’s your recap of what you may have missed this month in the SEO
and Web marketing industry.

Eye-Tracking Google SERPs – 5 Tales of Pizza via
Rarely can you do a Google search and just get the traditional 10 listings.
SERPs are becoming more and more cluttered with local listings, image and video
results, making it harder for you to determine where you need to be to get in
front of your audience. Using some eye-tracking software, they were able to
find exactly where in the SERP users eyes gravitate toward, and the results are
overwhelmingly local.

How To Take Your Keyword Research To The Next Level via Search Engine Land
Aside from link building, keyword research is the most important aspect to your
search campaign. Unfortunately, like link building, it’s also the most tedious.
These tips show you how to streamline your process to find the best
opportunities without cutting corners.

HOW TO: Leverage LinkedIn for your SEO Campaign via Mashable
If you’re just using LinkedIn for job hunting, you’re doing it wrong. LinkedIn
gives you direct access to the people that you need to have a successful SEO
campaign. Instead of first finding the blogs or website you want a link from,
target the people doing the actual writing to build the relationship first.

Google Launches AdWords Mobile Call Tracking via PC World

Marketers will never tie of new metrics, and Google AdWords just released what could be the Holy Grail for PPC. AdWords now enables you to track users’ clicks on your phone number on your website, enabling you to see exactly which ads are making customers call you from their mobile device.

What SEOs Must Learn From AdWords
 via SEOmoz
If Westside Story was the 1961 adaption of Romeo and Juliet, then SEO vs. PPC
is this century’s follow up. Like two disgruntled families (or gangs) SEO
professionals and AdWords folks have had their fair share of disagreements in
the past. But instead of meeting on the streets of NYC in a snap fight, SEOs
can learn from these 5 live-and-die-by PPC rules.

SEO KPI-K.I.S.S Chart: 646 Classic and
Emergent Metrics
 via aimClear
While you can’t exactly consider search and social the same thing (yet),
there increasingly becoming more intertwined. That brings an added layer into
search campaign, and an added layer of how you exactly measure that data. Marty
Weintraub breaks down some integral KPIs (key performance metrics) into a
streamlined chart that opens up a cornucopia of analytic

Google Makes Minor Panda Update: Panda 2.5.2 via Search Engine Roundtable
Seriously Google: Stop it. We’re all getting a little tired of hearing about Panda. Maybe it’s because this algorithm update caused one of the biggest uproars in rankings since Florida, but every time the search engine makes a tweak to the Panda, online marketers’ worlds stop.

Google+ Adds Real Time Searching and
Hashtag Support
 via Search Engine Watch

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times: Google+ will have a
significant impact on your search engine rankings. And with the addition or
real-time searching and hashtags integrated into the search giant’s social
network, it’s becoming more and more evident.

Microsoft to Turn Bing Into Improved Search Service Via Apps via Media Post
Bing isn’t anywhere near Google in terms of market share, but they’ve definitely made headway into the search marketplace. Microsoft now has plans to turn the search engine into a service, prompting users to to making an action, with the integration of apps beginning to roll out this month.

The Future of Online Bookmarking via Pandia Search Engine News
Bookmarking used to be one of the only ways users could find their way back to that hilarious YouTube video or fantastic article on ninjas, but that game is quickly changing. Things like clipping and content curation have been rumored to be the next big thing, but how will that integrate with your SEO?

What else happened this month in the SEO and Web marketing industry?


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