talespin's kit windwalkerAs a child (or young adult…don’t judge me) I was a fan of a show from Disney called Talespin.  Most notably, it featured Kit Cloudkicker, a bear cub who enjoyed sky surfing behind Baloo’s plane.  Well now that dream is coming to life…metaphorically at least.

In the last two days, two airlines have announced plans for wireless internet on their planes.  Virgin America, who you’d expect to add this type of service, announced yesterday that is looking to add it to routes within the US in 2008.  Alaskan, who I wouldn’t have expected this from, announced today they’re doing the same.  This surprises me because Alaskan doesn’t even give you a movie on flights from Seattle to Orlando.  Instead the offer a little media player to rent.

Virgin has said they won’t allow voip or cell phone calls on their planes, thank god.  I can’t imagine sitting next to someone on the phone for 5 hours.  They do however offer texting currently, which is a nice alterative. 

So while this won’t have the same thrill as grabbing the tow rope behind baloo’s seaplane, it will make those long flights go by much quicker.


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