There are a couple of big stories dominating the Web and mobile worlds this month – the rise of the Amazon Kindle Fire and the fall of the once-mighty Adobe Flash. But that’s not all that’s happened recently. And now, the news worth caring about:

Adobe Admits: Apple Won, Flash For Mobile is Done, HTML5 is the Future – via Mashable
Let’s start with one of the big ones. Adobe was good enough to annouce what everyone already knew – that HTML5 is a better platform for a million reasons. Way to crawl to that conclusion.

It’s Official: Flash Mobile Player is Dead – via Mashable
I don’t know about this one…how can you say mobile Flash is dead when it was never really alive? This was a from the start, and one of the main reasons that Flash as a whole started its slow death. Anyhow, RIP.

How to Bulletproof @font-face Web Fonts – Via SixRevisions
Full disclosure, this great read came from one of our very own design gurus. @font-face is a tool used to make prettier fonts available on websites. It’s also a tricky one to master, so Ryan lays down the best practices for you to follow to make your site look good and keep your brand consistent across browsers and platforms.

Do’s and don’ts of call to action pages – Via WebDesginerDepot
This is pretty important stuff. All the SEO and PPC in the world does you no good if you can’t convert your visitors in to customers. There are some great tips here to help potential clients take that last step.

6 Best Practices for Modern SEO – Via Mashable
Speaking of good SEO…this one also comes from in-house. Our own SEO wizard Erin takes you through the finer points of SEO, including several new tips in this ever-evolving space. Spoiler alert: white text on a white background doesn’t work anymore.

8 Popular online apps to test the mobile version of your site – Via WebDesginerDepot
If you can’t tell, I’m using this article to transition from Web to mobile news in this blog post. Not bad, eh?

Amazon’s Kindle Fire: The Android tablet developers love most – Via Cnet
I mentioned the Fire…apparently developers are excited about it to, at least compared to other Android devices. It’s really no big shock. If you want to optimize your app for a specific device, go with the one that costs the least and will be in the most hands by New Years.

5 Steps for a Successful QR Code Marketing Campaign – Via Mashable
I can only assume most of those new apps being developed involve QR codes. OK, maybe not for the Fire, which is unfortunately lacking in the camera department, but for everything else. It seems everything has a QR code on it now. An invite to a potluck here in the office, products on store shelves, Coca-Cola cups, and even a t-shirt I just got in the mail for speaking at the University of Florida’s AdSociety chapter. Are these things a fad or the future?

Apple Admits iOS 5.0.1 Did Not Fix All Battery Issues – Via Mashable
I’m starting to see a pattern. Apple has the best pre-launch hype, the longest lines outside their stores, and then one or two little bugs that put a blackeye on the entire thing. The iPhone 4 had the reception issue, and iOS 5 had the battery issue, which apparently isn’t cleared up yet.

And Finally, a couple of stats to keep you entertained. It seems that 80% of Smartphone Users Multitask While Watching TV, and that 16% of Cellphones Have Poop on Them. Are these two things related? I don’t want to know.


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