The leaves are changing, you’re likely digging through
attics and trunks to find your tucked away winter sweaters, and the days are
getting shorter and shorter. If you’ve spent the last month enjoying the
gorgeous change in weather or have missed a lot due to the freak
snowstorm that knocked out power in the Northeast no need to fret. Here’s a recap
of some things you may have missed in the past month.


Facebook now
featuring translation tool (via Mashable):
The social media giant now allows users to translate comments left in other
languages, but only on Facebook Pages, not profiles, at this time.

Facebook introduces “Talking
About This” metric for Pages (via Mashable):
Facebook adds a new analytics tool to Pages, allowing users to measure
activity related to a Page, such as liking, commentating, or sharing a Page
post or content. The concept behind the new metric is Pages with high “Talking
About This” measurements are indicative or more compelling Page content.

Google to begin
indexing Facebook comments (via ReadWriteWeb):
Facebook users who are using Facebook’s commenting platform can now have
their comments indexed by Google. The comments will be crawled and ranked in
Google’s results pages.


YouTube now has all-politics
channel (via Mashable):
YouTube now offers a page dedicated to all things politics just a year away
from the next presidential election. In addition to featuring campaign ads and
parodies, it will also function as a social video tracker for the election,
measuring each candidate’s YouTube views or subscribers.

YouTube set to unveil
100 celebrity channels (via Mashable):
Celebrities including Ashton Kutcher, Rainn Wilson, and Amy Poehler are
going to be a few of the celebrities who will have a YouTube channel featuring
their own original content. The channels will feature about 25 hours of new
content and are set to go live next year.


Google+ allows
pseudonyms (via Mashable):
After months of controversy and complaining, Google+ has finally decided to
allow users to use pseudonyms and nicknames instead of their real names.

Dalai Lama hosts
Google+ hangout (via ReadWriteWeb):
The spiritual leader hosted a live hangout with Archbishop Desmond Tutu as
part of the inaugural Desmond Tutu Peace Lecture in Cape Town.


Blether allows
Twitter users to have private chats outside of DMs (via Mediabistro)
Twitter users can now have private chats with one or more users by
mentioning them in a tweet and then starting the tweet with “!b”. Users can use
the feature with any Twitter users, not just people you are following.

Thanks to iOS5,
Twitter triples daily signups (via ReadWriteWeb)
Many iPad, iPhone and iPod users who downloaded the new operating system were
given a new incentive to sign up for the microblogging service, considering the
fact Twitter is directly tied to the operating devices of these Apple products.
While it remains to be seen whether they will continue to experience a spike in
traffic, Twitter received three times as many signups the day iOS5 was released
compared to average signups.


Obama meets Tumblr
(via Mashable
President Obama has joined the world of Tumblr, serving up (you guessed it)
politically minded posts, with special attention paid to his re-election campaign.
You can find his account here.



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