The last thing anyone wants to do this week is work. Thanksgiving is Thursday, and you’re probably already having dreams of fried turkey and mashed potatoes while visions of fried onions on top of green bean casserole dance through your head. But work we must, until Wednesday at least, and even though we’ll be out the latter half the week, Google won’t, which means SEO just keeps on trucking. So let’s run through this month’s biggest happenings in SEO and Web marketing so we can get to the good stuff: Black Friday.

Giving You Fresher, More Recent Search Results via Google’s Official Blog
Google has finally made the announcement that everyone secretly already knew: The more up to date content you have on your website, the more it’s going to get indexed and the higher your rankings are going to be. As if the biggest challenge in SEO wasn’t already finding what content to put on our websites, now you have to do it daily.

6 Best Practices for Modern SEO
 via Mashable
Shameless self-promotion alert: I wrote this for my monthly SEO article, and it’s a great indicator of what you need to be doing with SEO moving into 2012. The highlights: Good content and local, local, local.

Yahoo Site Explorer Shuts Down Today: What are the Alternatives? via Search Engine Watch
For 6 years, Yahoo Site Explorer has allowed us to easily see some of the most valuable information about your website’s SEO: its backlinks.With Yahoo!’s transition to the Bing platform, the tool is now defunct as of today (as of 11:05 AM, I could still access though) meaning you now need new ways to access competitor links. And likely, you’ll have to pay for those.

Duplicate Content in a Post-Panda World via SEOmoz
It’s been 7 months since Panda was officially released, and if you’re like me, you’re probably sick of hearing about and you’re probably still dealing with its ramifications on your website. Panda brought duplicate content issues to the limelight, but not all duplicate content problems were created equally.

Is Pinterest The Next Great Place to Get Links & Social Mentions? via Search Engine Land
Another shameless self-promotion, but with the game changing practically daily in SEO, you always need some new avenues where you can get links. Pinterest, a virtual pin board of interests, could just be that resource.

Google Verbatim Tool Lets You Search Literally
 via Huffington Post
Everyone has done a Google search and been downright baffled by some of the results they got, results that weren’t even remotely related to the query in question. Google’s new Verbatim tool changes that by stripping away Google’s “normal improvements” and showing only results for the literal words you typed in.

How Apple’s Siri Could Destroy Local SEO via Entrepreneur 
Do you know Siri? She’s the person your coworker keeps asking where to find the best cheese steak. While Siri will give iPhone 4S holders constant companionship, she could have a damaging effect to local SEO since people will be speaking, not searching, their local questions. 

Bing-powered share of searches at 29 percent in October 2011 via Experian Hitwise 
Watch out, Google. Bing is coming for you. Experian Hitwise reported Microsoft’s search engine to hold 29 percent market share, a 2% increase whereas Google dropped 1% to 65%. The 2-year old search engine has been on a steady climb the past couple of months, and while it still has a while before it eats away at Google, you need to make sure your not just optimizing for one place.

MC Hammer Launching His Own Search Engine via CNN
We couldn’t make this stuff up even if we tried. With high hopes to outperform Google, Yahoo, and Bing, MC Hammer is launching his own search engine, WireDoo, that will allow you to see related results, not just ones prompted from your query.

Location Targeting Gets a Makeover via Inside AdWords
Even AdWords is jumping on the local bandwagon. The biggest seller of AdWords has been that business can localize their ads to appear in a specific area, and now, that’s tied to Google Maps, thus improving the accuracy of location targeting and only allocating advertising dollars where they’ll be effective.


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